Jacobs Medipins

Jacobs Medipins
Jacobs Medipins - x 100
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Jacobs Medipins

To detect early signs of diabetic peripheral neuropathy the Medipin procedure couldn’t be simpler or subtler.  There can be no standardized neuropathy threshold superimposed upon the patient – especially in the early stages of damage.  Everyone’s perception is idiosyncratic and state dependent.  Therefore we detect deficit by using the second rule of clinical examination – comparison. 

Use a Medipin to establish “Normal” sensation in an area you know to be unaffected by pathology - for example the back of a hand or tip of a shoulder – by using multiple light applications in a continuously repetitive, percussive action to establish an “average” for the patient.  Whilst doing so you can tell your patient that this is “normal” for them.  Immediately move to the area under suspicion and ask them if it feels the same.  This makes the test quantitative rather than just a threshold driven “yes or no” response.  You can easily move back and forth between areas to help refine their response.  You can even grade their responses by setting normal at an arbitrary “five” allowing them to offer a specific comparative value.  Patients are very good at expressing subtle differences in either direction – either hypo or hyperaesthetic. 

Remember – each application is imperfect and it is the continuous application that reduces the standard deviation and produces a more reliable picture.


  • Heightened pinprick response whilst reducing risk of skin penetration
  • Consistent contact pressure
  • Ease of handling and protection from needle-stick

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