KaWe Eurolight 3.5V F.O.30 Otoscope

KaWe Eurolight 3.5V F.O.30
KaWe Eurolight 3.5V F.O.30 Otoscope
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KaWe 3.5V Clic Closure Handle with Rechargeable Battery
Product Code W57663
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(£90.14 inc. VAT)
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KaWe Eurolight 3.5V F.O.30 Otoscope

The high quality metal housing of the KaWe Eurolight family makes the compact instruments exceptionally sturdy. With this instrument you are not only choosing excellent quality but also a high durability. It is available with high quality distal fibre optics in 2.5V or 3.5V in conjunction with an LED bulb. The light strenth can be easily regulated with the rheostat and a further advantageous feature is the pivoting magnifying glasses with 3 fold magnification.  

The metal handle can only be charged in the MedCharger 4000, this is acheived  by unclipping the black closing cap on the bottom and inserting a KaWe rechargeable battery.


  • 3.5V
  • Clic closure
  • High power 3.5V xenon Bulb
  • Metal charging handle
  • Dimmable rheostat
  • 3-fold magnification
  • 20 disposable ear funnels (10 x 2.5mm and 10 x 4mm)
  • Comes in a bag with a zipper
  • Lithium Ion rechargeable battery is included
  • Can be recharged using KaWe MedCharge 4000 Charging Station

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