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Single Use Instruments

Being efficient in the clinic, ward or laboratory is crucial to managing the many tasks required. However, you also need to stay hygienic, preventing the spread of sickness and disease. At Oncall Medical Supplies, we sell a wide range of single use items precisely made for this purpose. From scissors and forceps to suture packs and speculums, we can provide you with a complete collection of medical items. Once used to examine the patient, they can then be thrown away to prevent any sort of contamination. Save the time spent disinfecting your tools and simply purchase our one use items instead!

Useful in Any Field

Thanks to the diversity of what we offer, our equipment can be utilised in a range of medical areas. Our single use surgical instruments are made for dental surgeons, podiatry specialists and more. They are an effective way of helping you focus on the task at hand without having to worry about germs or bacteria spreading throughout the ward, clinic or lab. With top brands such as Instrapac, we guarantee cleanliness and hygiene every time. Whether you wish to purchase some procedure packs or have questions about our product range, more information can be found onsite or via our hotline.

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